Freeman Township Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

May 6, 2014

Freeman Township Planning And Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes


Minutes For May 6, 2014

Chairman Stevens called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Commission Members Present: Stevens, Phillips, Wells, Pohoda and Maas

Absent: None.

A quorum is present.

Others Present: Harold Logan.

Public Comments: None.

Chairman Stevens asked for a motion "To accept the April 1, 2014 minutes as written." Motion: Phillips, 2nd Wells : Motion Carried.

Chairman Stevens asked for a motion "To accept the May 6, 2014 Planning Meeting Agenda." Motion: Pohoda, 2nd Wells: Motion Carried.

Meeting Business Activities:

A. Chairman's Comments:

1. Chairman Stevens stated that he will get into the information on changing the Zoning Ordinance infraction to a civil infraction and information on the Fireworks Ordinance later in the meeting.

2. Chairman Stevens stated that there was no site plan submitted as yet from Ron Johnson for his road width change.

3. Chairman Stevens stated that he had not heard anything about a hearing for the various ordinance changes. Mr. Maas stated that Pat Humphrey had told him that a hearing may not be necessary for most of the ordinance changes but would be necessary for any Zoning Ordinance changes.

B. Education – General: None.

C. Zoning Administrator/Blight Officer Report:

1. Mr. Logan stated that he had one Zoning Permit last month and one so far this month.

2. Mr. Logan stated that the new three-page Zoning Permit was working out really well.

3. Mr. Logan stated that he has two current blight clean-ups going on and will be submitting letters to four others.

D. Current Business:

1. Long Term Agenda: None.

2. Review making a Zoning Ordinance violation a civil infraction:

a. Chairman Stevens stated that per MTA the township can make a Zoning Ordinance infraction a "civil infraction" but should contact legal council so the language and parameters are correct. Chairman Stevens said he would check further with Pat and Jaynie.

b. Chairman Stevens also stated that we may be able to use some of the civil infraction language from the Blight Ordinance as this has been laid out already.

3. Ron Johnson road width change:

a. It was agreed by all Planning Commission members to put this item on hold until Mr. Green or Mr. Johnson submits a revised site plan.

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Freeman Township Planning And Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes

Minutes For May 6, 2014 (continued)

4. Fireworks Ordinance:

a. Chairman Stevens stated that he had discussed this issue with Al Housler and that Al did not see the complaints as a big enough problem to warrant trying to write a "Fireworks Ordinance" for as the ordinance Lincoln Township has is too vague. That in most cases, if the offending party could be found, a simple police call would probably suffice.

b. It was agreed by all Planning commission members to not pursue this item any further.

5. Master Plan Review:

a. Mr. Maas handed out a list of possible sources for outsourcing any Master Plan help that he had received from Lynn Wilson. Mr. Wells stated that we should contact these people and get preliminary information and/or costs. Mr. Maas stated that he will e-mail the sources and get what information he can.

b. Mr. Pohoda stated that it may be a good idea to try and get copies of Master Plans from townships that are more like Freeman Township and that he will check this avenue out and report back.

E. New Business: None.

F. Adjournment: Motion: Phillips, 2nd Pohoda "To adjourn". Motion Carried. Time 7:50 PM.

Gary Maas, Secretary