Freeman Township Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

June 3, 2014

Freeman Township Planning And Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes


Minutes For June 3, 2014

Chairman Stevens called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Commission Members Present: Stevens, Pohoda and Maas

Absent: Wells and Phillips

A quorum is present.

Others Present: Harold Logan and Mike Green

Public Comments: None.

Chairman Stevens asked for a motion "To accept the May 6, 2014 minutes as written." Motion: Pahoda, 2nd Maas : Motion Carried.

Chairman Stevens asked for a motion "To accept the June 3, 2014 Planning Meeting Agenda." Motion: Pohoda, 2nd Maas: Motion Carried.

Meeting Business Activities:

A. Chairman's Comments:

1. Chairman Stevens stated that Mr. Rigato was apparently going to move his pole building on the advice of councel. Mr. Logan stated that Mr. Rigato had contacted him about the potential move and Mr. Logan gave him the new revised Zoning Permit form to fill out for greater clarification purposes even though his current permit is still valid.

2. Chairman Stevens stated that he tried to get a copy of Lincoln Township's Master Plan but was having trouble printing it off as it was 64 pages long and will try and get a hard copy from Dale Majewski.

B. Education – General: None.

C. Zoning Administrator/Blight Officer Report:

1. Mr. Logan stated that he had two Zoning Permits last month with three Zoning Permits out so far this month.

2. Mr. Logan stated that he has four current blight clean-ups going on and all seem to be coming along.

D. Current Business:

1. Long Term Agenda: None.

2. Review making a Zoning Ordinance violation a civil infraction:

a. Chairman Stevens stated that per MTA the township can make a Zoning Ordinance infraction a "civil infraction" but should be cautious about documentation and enforcement. Chairman Stevens stated that the Blight Ordinance section on a violation being a civil infraction would be a good fit as the language was approved and seemed to be working.

b. At this point Mr. Maas distributed copies of the section of the Blight Ordinance concerning a violation being a civil infraction with some amended text to fit the Zoning Ordinance Section XVII labeled as DRAFT 1.

c. During the review all Planning Commission members present agreed that the "First Offense Fee" should remain three hundred and fifty ($350.00) dollars and the "Second Offense Fee" remain at seven hundred ($700.00) dollars from the Zoning Ordinance.

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Freeman Township Planning And Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes

Minutes For June 3, 2014 (continued)

d. During the review it was discovered that the reference to Subsection I should be a reference to Subsection H and all Planning Commission members present agreed that this "typo" should also be changed, as well as, in the original Blight Ordinance.

e. During the review all Planning Commission members present agreed that the last paragraph dealt solely with blight issues and would not be appropriate for zoning; whereas the second paragraph from the original Zoning Ordinance Section XVII would be appropriate and should be substituted in.

f. Mr. Maas stated that he would make the changes and have copies of DRAFT 2 ready for review at the next meeting.

3. Ron Johnson road width change:

a. Mr. Green distributed revised copies of the Ron Johnson site plan that included the road width change from sixty six (66) feet to thirty three (33) feet with a cul-de-sac at the end of the road that was sixty six (66) feet by fifty (50) feet.

b. It was brought up by Chairman Stevens that per Zoning Ordinance Section 4.03a the cul-de-sac must be a minimum of sixty six (66) feet by sixty six (66) feet and that the site plan was shy of this by sixteen (16) feet in one direction.

c. Mr. Green reviewed the information and said he would have the site plan changed to reflect the proper dimensions and resubmit the plan.

4. Master Plan Review:

a. Mr. Maas stated that so far all the people and/or companies that he had contacted were very expensive and in the area of $6,000 to $15,000 dollars for a complete Master Plan rework, but will continue to contact people and/or companies to see if anyone will just help us meet the state requirements.

b. Copies of the Morton Township Master Plan were distributed for all to review for the next meeting.

E. New Business:

1. Subsection I should be Subsection H in the Blight Ordinance.

a. As this was already addressed it was determined by all Planning Commission members present that this "typo" could be changed without any other formal approval and copies of the clarified text be distributed to the Planning Commission members, Zoning Administrator and Pat Humphrey.

F. Adjournment: Motion: Stevens, 2nd Pohoda "To adjourn". Motion Carried. Time 7:50 PM.

Gary Maas, Secretary