Freeman Township



Located next to the town hall at 7280 Mannsiding Rd.
Sexton: Delos Blain (989) 588-6684
Contact the clerk, Cindy LaFave for the purchase of cemetery lots.

Full burial lots: $250.00
Cremation lots: $100.00
Burial Costs:
Full Burial: $400.00
Cremation: $ 100.00

Local Funeral Homes

Campbell Stocking Family
408 W. Main, Farwell, MI 48622
Phone: (989) 588-4541

1005 McEwan St. Clare, MI 48617
(989) 386-7451 or (888) 461-6999
165 S. Hall Street, Farwell, MI 48622
(989) 588-9630

Stocking Funeral Home
165 W Oak, Harrison, MI 48625
Phone: (989) 539-7810

Marion, MI 49665
Phone: (231) 743-2471

Curbside Trash Pickup

Curbside trash pickup is on Mondays, unless a it is a holiday, then it will be the next day.
-The 3rd Monday of the month will be the day you can put out a large item.

Large items include:

A. Household furniture such as a chair, couch, mattress, table, etc.
B. Appliances such as a stove, hot water tank, microwave, refrigerator, air conditioner, dehumidifier, freezer, etc. Any appliances that contained or once contained HFC’s or CFC’s like Freon, must have these chemicals extracted by a certified contractor and provide proof of extraction prior to collection.
C. Vinyl flooring and carpeting must be dry, cut into lengths of six feet or less, rolled, and securely tied.
D. One boxed, bagged, or securely bundled item(s) not exceeding 35 pounds total.

Large items do NOT include:

A. Any containers containing chemicals or liquids such as gasoline, oil, antifreeze, un-solidified paint, or other hazardous liquids.
B. Broken glass unless prepared as defined in (D.) above.
C. Building or remodeling materials unless prepared as defined in (D.) above.
D. Yard waste such as leaves, brush, grass, branches, or garden plant waste.
E. Flammables and explosives.
F. Burning barrels full of cold or hot ashes.
G. Appliances that contain or once contained HFC’s or CFC’s like FREON without the proper extraction certification.
H. Wet carpeting or carpet pad.
I. Automotive components.
K. Items banned from disposal per state or federal statute.

Any issues with your curbside pickup service, call American Waste at 989-588-6000.



A recycling container will be available at the Freeman Township Hall parking lot the 3rd weekend of the month.


Road Brining

Road Brining is provided in the township three times a year. The schedule is for May, July and September or October.

Early Warning Sirens

The Clare County Early Warning System is a cooperative effort between Clare, Harrison, and townships of Hamilton, Redding, Freeman, Surrey, Lincoln, and Grant, along with the USDA. Clare County Central Dispatch has primary control over the system.

Tornado, chemical spill, & any other problem where people need to take shelter inside:
Siren will be a long building tone that stays at its upper limit for an extended time.
play sound

Attack Warning:
Siren tone will rise and fall for the duration of the signal
play sound

All-Clear Siren:
An air-horn sounding short blasts.
play sound

Testing Schedule:
Sirens will be tested on the 1st Thursday of every month, unless there is threatening weather.

Any time the sirens are activated people are urged to turn on their local news or NOAA Radio for information. For more information, or if you have questions about the system, contact Clare County Sheriff’s Dept. (989) 539-7166.

EMT Service

Call 911 Central Dispatch (989) 539-7166 or

Burn Permits

For Burn Permits Call (866) 922-2876, Info. accessed by County Sheriff’s Office.

Library Services

Residents of Freeman Township may receive free library service from Surrey Township Library in Farwell. (989) 588-9782.

Dog Licenses & Complaints

Every dog over four (4) months of age must be inoculated and have a current license. You may purchase the license from the Clare County Treasurers office in Harrison, (989) 539-7801. Call for current fees. Complaints concerning dogs should be made to the Clare County Dog Officer at (989) 539-3221.