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  • Board Meetings: 2nd Thursday's Monthly, at 7:00 pm
     Special meetings are held as necessary.

  • Clerk's Hours: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm on Tuesday & Thursday
    at the Township Hall

  • The Treasurer's Hours at the Hall:
    Monday & Wednesday from 9:00am - Noon
    She will
    meet with anyone that requires her help by appointment--call 989-588-2752.

  • Trustee, Sandra Sable, will be at the Hall
    Friday 9:00am - 12:00 pm.

  • Trustee, Richard Wells, will be the fill in when someone
    canít be in the office.

  • The Supervisor, Al Housler, can be reached at 1-989-588-3011 at any time.

Township Hall

7280 Mannsiding Road, Lake, 48632
Phone: 989-588-2752 ~ FAX 989-588-4470

Freeman Township now offers Broad Band, high speed Internet from a tower that is located in the Township. Call toll free 1-877-466-6104 or 1-989-466-6104 for details and costs.
Download the Flyer for all the Info.

Pictures of the New Wi-Fi Broad Band Tower Construction:

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The Freeman Township Government of Clare County has established the following as the Freeman Township Mission:

Freeman Township will provide for orderly and efficient growth and development of land, and transportation systems of public and private services, while maintaining its rural character and increasing the quality of life of the township residence.  Freeman Township will promote recreation, tourism and farming industries while preserving its ecosystem.  The township will also promote the improvement of its economy and support unique employment opportunities.

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